Vision & Purpose

Life Church Purpose

Life Church exist to REACH the unchurched , to CONNECT them into the family of God, to help them GROW in their faith, DISCOVER their ministry and HONOR God with their life.

Life Church Vision

I see a place where people that are hurt and angry can find joy and healing

I see a place where people that are confused and misguided can find can find guidance and direction

A place where people with no hope can find hope

I see a place where broken people become whole and restored

A place that helps victims of addictions recover from those addictions

I see a place that is always thinking of creative ways to reach out into the community

I see a place that will reach people beyond the Waco area

I see place that will equip our people to live healthy lives emotionally, spiritually and physically.

I see a place where young families that don’t attend church can come and feel welcomed and call this place their church.

I see a safe place for families to bring their children and youth and experience top notch state of the art quality ministry.

I see a place where we become a family to those with no family.

I see a place where programs are made to fit the people not where people have to fit a program.

I see a place that reaches out to prisoners and ex-prisoners as well as their families.